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Our story begins in 1975...

James “Jimmy” Freeman began roofing for his soon-to-be father in law James “Buddy” Manning. Jimmy Freeman had the desire to provide a fairly priced, quality roof to everyone. Freeman Roofing was formed in 1976 by Jimmy Freeman and Bernie “Dude” Freeman.  In 1980, Jimmy Freeman was hired at Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida as a roofing supervisor.  Jimmy would report to Freeman Roofing immediately after he got off work from Naval Air Station(NAS). He continued to grow his roofing company while working at NAS. During Jimmy’s time at NAS he gained an extensive knowledge of commercial roofing. He used this knowledge to continue to grow his roofing business. He was recognized on numerous occasions during this time for his superior performance and immense knowledge of the roofing industry.  After the loss of his father (Dude Freeman in 1994) Jimmy made the decision to retire from Naval Air Station.  In doing so, he could pursue growing Freeman Roofing full time. 

In 2004 Hurricane Ivan hit the Gulf Coast, Jimmy along with the help of his family provided emergency clean up and roof assistance to devastate3d local families through their hardships. He purchased several thousand-gallon gas tanks, chain saws, tarps and more. These were valuable resources to have during times of distress.  Jimmy’s altruistic nature was recognized and he was asked to assist with installing blue roofs for Hurricane Katrina and for Hurricane Gustav.  Yet again, Jimmy and his crews packed up and set out to aid those affected by the storms. 

Jimmy’s daughter, Melissa Freeman, obtained her contractor’s license in Alabama and Mississippi in 2006. Freeman Roofing officially branched out into Commercial roofing in Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi.

Always in mind, the Freeman Roofing motto remains “provide everyone with a quality roof at a fair price”.  Jimmy and his family have developed Freeman Roofing into a trusted, locally owned company known for its efforts to give back to the community to a greater extent than he ever imagined.   Freeman Roofing has always been a family business and it will continue to grow with Jimmy’s daughters, nephews, grandsons and granddaughters for generations to come.